Sunday, December 30, 2012

Branson! Days 2-3

What???? Blogs 2 days in a row? People that have all but given up on this blog are going to have like 20 blogs to read when they finally wander back over in this blog's general direction.

The second morning of our trip to Branson, the kids tried out the indoor pool on the grounds of our house. So much fun. Well, for 3/4 of the kids. Max spent the pool time like this:

3/4 fun

"no I will not look at your camera, MOM."

Yeah, that's right. Our house came with shuffleboard.

Yep, if you guess that I spent the entire hour saying "every day I'm shuffling," you'd be right. I know for a fact I wasn't annoying.

And then? It was time for "ILVER OLLER CITY." What? You don't speak four year old? That's Rylan-ese for Silver Dollar City. Because he can't say "s?" No, he says CITY, he just doesn't have time for s's for the whole phrase.

Rylan and Zoe are somewhere in one of those butterflies

My sister Angie and her cutie Zoe

My cutie Max. Its official, they are all sick of looking at my camera.

This falls into the "sacrifice a child if you took a good picture yourself" parenting advice of yester-blog

Thank you, Zoe

Zoe is manually pushing Rylan's face to look at me. She can't control his eyes, thought

The Christmas parade.

SANTA!!!!!!!! I know him!!!!!!

Day 3 involved more shuffleboard ("everyday I'm shufflin, shufflin") and a trip to Branson landing for Texas Land and Cattle and shopping.
View from Texas Land and Cattle, wish I'd taken a pic of my steak sliders. Cause they were BOMB. (On a side note, diet and exercise regime went out the window with blogging, whoopsie)

And then this reindeer gave birth to 4  Rohr grandchildren

And then 3 of them smiled at the camera

When it was time to leave, things go really sweet

Really cute and sweet

And then Max took the sweet and cute and it turned on us!

We had two sleeping babies before we got back on the highway. Loved this long weekend and I think the kids loved it more. Our "Iller Oller City" tickets are expiring this month and I'm in mourning that weather and illness prevented a third trip before our season passes went bye-bye, but I"m so thankful for the two amazing trips we had.

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