Monday, October 1, 2012

Max Is TWO!!!!

Oh holy moly! I thought I told my boys to quit getting older, but they just won't listen!!!

Today is our sweet Max's 2nd birthday. I love almost everything about Max. Correction, I love everything about Max, even the food throwing, occasional meanie side of him. Because, without those little issues, he just wouldn't be Max.

Two years ago, we showed up at the hospital at 5:30 am, and by 7:57am, we were holding Maxton Robert. He was a calm, happy baby. He had a mean belly that made him puke a lot, but he was the happiest puker in all the land. I wish life had slowed down for us a bit that first year with him, we had lots of illnesses and a few hard times, but I feel like we did our very best to enjoy snuggling and loving on him. Those cheeks of his are perfect for kissing and his happy demeaner made you want to kiss him all the time.

This past year has been a joy. Max started walking on his first birthday and really hasn't slowed down since. Incidentally, he has only gained a couple of pounds in a year as well. I'd keep weight off too if I threw 1/2 of my meal and ran everywhere.  Hmmm.....weight loss idea????

Max's language is on fire. He can speak in  some full sentences and gets his needs known quite well. He talks about Chuck E. Cheez a lot, but loves to talk about animals, cars, and, really, anything. He "sings" Twinkle Twinkle and the ABC's (the tune is there, just not all the words) and would sit and read 100 books a day with you if you were up for it.

He is an awesome sleeper. He likes a good 2 hour nap and lays back down at 8pm and sleeps till at least 6am, sometimes as "late" as 8am.  I pray that he never learns how to crawl out of his crib, because with his weight being a good 15 pounds less than Rylan at this age, I'll keep him behind bars as long as possible. We only moved Rylan because my back couldn't take it anymore. And bedtimes have not been fun ever since.

So....Guess what Max wanted to do for his birthday? Chuck E. Cheeze MOUSE!!!! I am having a birthday playdate for him this Wednesday and we are spending what we would have spent renting some big birthday place on a trip to Silver Dollar City for both boy's birthdays early next month. But, our family of four enjoyed some quality Max bday time (with 20 extra tokens sent to my email for Max, from the mouse himself, wowsers!) at Chuck E. Cheez Mouse. He never gets sick of this place, and on a cool, rainy Sunday morn, what better place to take him for a birthday celebration?
1st ride on the horse. Neigh

2nd ride on the horse. NEIGH!!!!

Quality b-ball with dada. 

A visit from Chuck E. himself. Chuck E. Cheez Mouse and Max have a love-hate relationship. The mouse in the "flesh"/costume/fur causes nightmarish whimpers out of Max. The mouse in any picture, on any commercial, on any game, causes thrilling enchantment from Max.

I was told once you sometimes have to sacrifice your kids if you look decent in a pic. Really good mothering advice that wasn't in any pics.

Later that night we opened gifts. Rylan "bought" Max something.

It was cars!!!!

Next up was educational blocks. Max's feelings? Meh.

Now we're onto something!


 And the grand finale!

 Loved it!

 Cookie cake!

Max, we love you. Thank you for being you. You are our very favorite youngest son of all the youngest sons we have. To quote your pal, Dr Seuss:
"There is no one alive that is Youer than You"

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  1. What a cutie pie! I didnt realize there was a play date for his birthday, but I havent gotten to read a lot of the descriptions on the calendar lately because we have been so insanely busy! LOL We miss you guys! Have fun celebrating at SDC-its a great place! I miss it.