Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I got served and the pumpkin patches begin!!!!

I got served. By Rylan. Using my own words against me.

I'll set the scene: in our car, on our way (of course) to the doctor's office.

Rylan: "I want mooosic" (what, you don't speak 3 year old? MUSIC)
Me: "K!" I put on Pandora, which goes straight to a fast song, and I say "its a shake your booty song"
Rylan: "You can't say that! That's a bathroom word!"
Me: "Shake your groove thing? Is that ok?"
Rylan: "yeah, you can say that."

Thanks Rylan.

I've also been told that when I do good girl things, good things will happen. So far good girl things include: taking them for ice cream, to the park, making cookies, and picking him up from school early.

On the losing weight front, my body likes the weight it is. It LOVES it in fact. Wants to hold on tight on keep it close. It does this. It'll show up on the scale eventually. Cannot wait. I have lost 2.5 pounds, depending on the day. I am trying to exercise 4-6 days a week. I've made it to week 5 of the Couch to 5k (I've been "working" on it since July, go me!) and I very much enjoy running. Its a mood lifter and helps me get the angst of getting yelled at by a 3 year old and having a 2 year old that likes to remove his diaper and run with wild abandon. I just can't do it every day, because I have wonky knees, courtesy of my gene pool, and wonky ankles and feet courtesy of Death Fever and wonky knees courtesy of having 40 pounds too many on them. Last week I started Zumba. And it is fun. And not too terribly hard. I've only done the beginner's video, more updates later.

And now.......the Halloween playdates have started!!!!

Rylan with his friends Shayla and Matt

 Fun in the corn pit

The scary steep and slippery slide that goes into the corn pit. And by scary steep and slippery, I mean, scary and steep and slippery only to the moms, the kids loved it.

Feeding the goats. Max liked a good 5 feet between him and a goat.

Trike time

Hay bale maze

Cow train. Has anybody noticed that Max has gotten so freakin old lately? Riding with a bestie? Holy moly.

And Ry is riding the upgrade of the cow train-the Bull Train all by hisself. OMG. Old.

I asked Rylan to strike a models pose on his side. This is what I got. Hmmmm.

This is Fiona. And she has Max pulling her around. Nicely done.

 Not too bad

This is Matt and Shayla's sis. Could you just eat those cheeks?

 Lookie who I got to join MOPS!!!! Krystal and Hayes!!!!! Harper had to go to school this day.

Sweet Hayes

Precious corn lover


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