Friday, October 28, 2011

An update, no pics

So, we went to Fayetteville over the weekend and my sister and I were seriously rocking some Dance Party on Wii. Rob thought this was super funny and got out the camera to record my not so ready to be recorded dancing body dropping it like it was hot. Long story short.....we left the camera next to the Wii. Hmph.

So, I'll just talk your ear off. All about Hot Mess and Sad Clown. Or Rylan and Max, respectively. Rylan is working through some real anger management issues when he is put in time out. Enter the name Hot Mess. Max is growing 4 two year molars all at once. At the ripe old age of barely one. And he KEEPS. GETTING. EAR. INFECTIONS. The nasty ones that clog his ear tube. Enter the name Sad Clown.

But, the glass is always half full. There is always a silver lining. The kids are freakin cute. So cute that by the end of the day, when he's all snuggled in your lap with his favorite book or ten books, Hot Mess returns to Rylan, and then there's the one that looks at you across the room, lights up with realization of who you are and how much he loves you and he opens his mouth and utters "LOLA!!!" And Sad Clown is back to Max.

Rylan, our boy that once scared us because he, literally, STOPPED speaking (around 18-19 months) is now telling stories, bossing us around, and (best of all) telling us what he needs. He has yet to learn that when he asks for stuff, followed by the very cute Rylan word of "puh-weeze" that he almost always gets what he asked for. He's still working through freaking out, screaming and throwing himself on the ground when we don't immediately know what he's wanting. Its a work in progress. It just feels SO GOOD to say that we see progress.
I'll give you some funny Ry-isms

"you not a bad mommy, you an Elmo mommy"-not sure what that means
"My baby brudder is seepin'"
"Lola woke me up"
"Daddy, your tv too loud"
"Hunty Dunty fall down, but he's okay"
"Daddy I broke my crown"***

Max isn't just walking. The kid is running. I only thought I was busy having a newborn and a two year old. Holy moly the kid is fast. Often, and I do mean often, I'll be helping Rylan get his pants pulled up after going potty, and here comes Max and throws a toy in Rylan's pee water. He also can do sign language to tell us he wants "more" of whatever he's eating and he has said -Lola, mama, dada, LOLA, dog, Lola, hat, Lola......he really likes Lola. Alot. So much, in fact, that he is dressing up as her for Halloween.

So, there's an update. I so hope to have a camera back soon. I feel like the worst blogger EVAH!

***Um, because we don't already have shit for luck, when we went to Kansas I fell down wearing some cheapo heels. It didn't hurt too bad, so I didn't really worry about it. Which is why 1.5 weeks later I was going down a flight of concrete stairs with Max in my arms and holding Rylan's hand. My ankle literally quit working and turned perpendicular to my body causing me to fall, causing Rylan to roll down 4-5 stairs and causing Max to go flying through the air. HOWEVER, we did have some luck, as Rylan fell on his side and rolled side to side instead of onto his head. And I fell onto my butt, so I was able to reach out and catch Max's pants, stopping him from sailing through the air, but his head did graze a concrete step. It was seriously sad times.Apparently my ankle didn't hurt because it had sprained so much that all the tendons had stretched completely out. To the point of being unstable. I am in physical therapy for my piece of crap ankle, so hopefully this won't happen again.

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  1. You an Elmo mommy. :) That's GOTTA be a good thing, right?!
    So sorry about your ankle and Max's teeth and ears. If it makes you feel any better, I've got a particularly hot mess of my own (even hotter since Miles came along), and it's now officially October 31, and my hot mess is THREE. :(