Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Max Is One

I am very sorry this is two weeks late. We've had three parties for Max, taken a trip to Kansas for a wedding, been babysitting another one year old, held a garage sale, had another ear infection, a sprained ankle and pumpkin patched. I woke up today and realized I had thrown our blog out the window. The best thing about all that? KNOCK ON WOOD, they were (mostly) healthy enough that we got to do all of the above things!!!!

Max is one. I cannot believe we are already saying that. If feels like yesterday we just brought him home from the hospital. This last year has been one of the hardest of my life, with all of our illnesses and adapting to two small kids, but it has been my favorite at the same time.

So, let's rewind two weeks. We threw Max a first birthday bash at our house a week before his birthday, because we were traveling to Kansas for a wedding during his actual birthday. Some of his playgroup friends and several family members were able to make it to the house to help us celebrate. We were so lucky to have great weather, so it ended up being a really great day for lots of outside time, chatting and good times. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate good times.
The cake for the big Razorback Fans
Sweetest Birthday Boy showing off his present from his Grandma and Grandpa. Our four family unit now has a complete set of rocking chairs.
I haven't a clue whether the kid actually ate ANY cake. But he enjoyed
massaging it into all facial orices.
Maxer's cake. So cute.
Playing with his new bus. The occupants of the bus are hanging out of his mouth. Notice post-cake hair. It was crusty. ewwww
Getting his Toms shoes from Cheryll. She might or might not have noticed how everytime a kid in our playgroup has Toms, I go ON AND ON AND ON about how cute they are.
Max's nursery was decorated with Dr. Seuss, so we got him a huge stack of Dr. Seuss books to enjoy. He isn't really into them quite yet, but Rylan is enjoying the fruits of that labor.

Our sweet bday boy (and me with crazy eyes)
The whole family. This is the best we could do. Lots of distractions.

So, it was a great day, fun was had by all. The very next week, we left for a four day trip to Kansas for my cousin's wedding. More on that later.

Dear Max,
As the book says, we love you to the moon.....and back. You have brought so much happiness and light into our life. I wouldn't trade you for a million of anything. You are one cool dude. A life without our Max in it is not a life I'd like to imagine at all. The world is a better place with you in it and I thank God that he chose Rob and I to be your mom and dad. Keep bringing the cute and I promise I'll do better to document it!!!!

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  1. super sweet!
    We were so happy to be a part of the celebration. Thanks so much for inviting us! :D
    I'm glad you loved his TOMS so much.
    I also deserve a shout out for the family pic I took of yall! ;) lol
    Love you guys!