Monday, May 9, 2011

Rebel without a cause

So I got kicked out of a playgroup last week......

See, I thought joining a mommy group was a chance to meet other moms and for my kids to meet other kids and we'd frolic about town and have a lovely time. Which we did for about a year. I know I spoke very highly of the playgroup back in the day. It turns out that in this particular group, you must not make TOO good of friends with the other mommies, and woe be to the ones that decide to hang out without inviting the entire group. And if some of the older kids tend to hit your kid and their mommies don't seem to notice or care because they are too busy judging what you are wearing or telling you about their ovulation cycles and trying to make you feel bad for getting pregnant? You MUST hang out with them too. In the end, it became about the mamas and not about the kids. Which is sad.

Here's the deal....I didn't get kicked out alone. Me and about 5 other fabulous women, whose kids are wonderful got kicked out together. Yes, Harpie and Diddy were kicked out with us. We were all sick to death of the drama and the rules, and the hitting kids and ovulation talking, clothes judging mamas. We were also aware that our leader was upset that we hadn't severed ties with a mom that had quit the group and started her own. But it didn't feel right to leave. We thought we were doing the right thing for our kids. And now, we all feel like we used to feel when we didn't like our boyfriend but he got to break up with us first.

When one door closes, another opens. A friend of mine, Ashley, who was smart and quit the group a few months ago, has started a much smaller, much more positive playgroup. So Rylan, Max, and I are the happy members of Small Fries. And it rocks. Although I don't like that someone made the decision for me, life without that passive aggressive, judgmental. and downright gigantic sack of crazy has been pure bliss. I never knew how stressed they made me until I deleted them all from facebook and my phone and any other form of communication. A million pounds of stress lifted off my shoulders.

Just had to share my story of how I'm a problem child. At least I had good company.


  1. Diddy and I are thrilled to be in such good company, to say the least.
    And there's a reeeeally good chance I'll be in yoga pants when I see you tomorrow. Thanks for not caring. :)

  2. I love Small Fries and I love YOU! ;)