Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giraffe love and playdates

So, my last post involved bad pictures of beautiful children. Now I shall post cute pics of equally cute children.

One way to watch TV
Then it got real fun
And then, the giraffe fought back. Look at its smile.

We've been hanging out at Krystal and Harper's house a lot lately. Krystal has helped me out with some babysitting for my four million eye doctor appointments, she's had some playdates, and sometimes we just call her and show up at her front door when our other friends Kelly and Karsyn are there. Lucky for us, she and Harper are very hospitable.

Harper's toys are way cool
Kelly will kill me for posting this, but it cracks me up. This is her face after 2 phone calls and two texts from a certain lady causing some "mama drama."
Krystal snugglin' with Snuggly Max
Rylan decided to get in the walker. Like how it has made a speedo out of his pants? Baby Karsyn is trying to tell him she is a more appropriate size for a walker.
Post playdate

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  1. Gotta love the mama drama! Wait. No, you don't. Some of us just wanna let our kids socialize and have some fun (and maybe do a little of the same ourselves), minus all that other crap. Mamas can be very (very) silly.

    You still up for doing a little group bear-building?

    Love that last pic of Rylan. :)