Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warning: extremely long post of adorable pics of cute kids

Its been a busy month!!!! With Crawfish Boils, Graduations, finding out Shim II's sex, and a (shhhhh) surprise Retirement Party for my Mama, the 3.5 Qualls fam has been some traveling, hosting, food making, secret party planning, and ouchie ultrasound getting fools lately. I'll start with some super fun playdates Rylan and I have been on.

Rylan and I hosted our first ever playdate, cutely titled Pancakes and pj's. Everyone brought breakfast foods and was supposed to wear their pjs. I have learned the hard way, that if I actually wear pjs, I'm the only one, so I chose to put Rylan and I in regular clothes. Well, I actually put Rylan in a super cute romper my mom got him, but anyway.

Rylan was OBSESSED with baby Karsyn. Can you see she's excited about all the attention?
This is Keegan, the supercute son of my playgroup's fearless leader. He sang tunes for the gang all morning.
Lily and Madeline checking out boy-type toys.

All in all, our first playgroup hosting experience went well. I have to say, that you just can't prepare yourself for a gaggle of children at your house. I cleaned and cleaned. I got down on hands and knees checking for stuff that children might eat. I mopped, vacuumed, dusted and repeated. But, those kids, they found STUFF. Like one got into Rylan's albuterol stash that was hidden behind his changing table. All the albuterol was inside another toy with the exception of the one that the little girl was trying to eat. Another found a screw that shimmied out of our wall socket. Another was trying to eat the white knobby thing on the door jam. Its no wonder Kate Gosselin was a crazy b&(*^h. This is everyday life for her!

Next I have some pics of my cute kid. They always say you don't need toys, get them boxes and old shoes. And its the truth. Rylan has been carrying around the container for his leggos for a week now and the thing brings him pure joy.

We also went to a birthday party for Rylan's friend Harper. We met Harper and her ma, Krystal through our playgroup and they are so fun. Krystal and I are both nurses and our children love each other to the point of holding hands from their separate strollers, so we have lots of fun with them.

Cutest cake for the big girl
Rylan's friend, Lily. She has obviously not seen the pink ball behind her. According to her mom, she is a ball klepto.
It was one of those super hot days where even the kids weren't so sure they wanted to be out playing.

So, all was going well, the super cute b-day girl was eating her cake. Then HE came. The hunter/gatherer named Rylan, that doesn't want to eat the cake his mom is giving him. The boy that would rather stick two hands in his girlfriend's cake. You know, the one made especially for the birthday girl. Luckily it made Harper giddy with delight and everyone laugh. It made me laugh too, like a nervous hyena that wanted to leave immediately.

Yeah, embarrassing. You know all the other moms were saying "thank God its not my kid."
"oh, you caught me!"

I feel my post has been long enough. More to come later this week. Look forward to Devin grad party, mom's retirement party and a zootastic good life.

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  1. (1.) Lily's a TOTAL ball klepto. (2.) Your house was fabulously clean. I was in awe of its dustlessness. (3.) Please note that my kid was the only one in PJs. Sigh. (4.) Addi only drank *a little* of the Albuterol stuff, and now she's probably got really good air flow or something.