Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Illness and lost internet connections

I apologize for no posts. It has been a mess at our house for the last two weeks. For one thing, our internet went down. And Rylan got this awful virus that's going around where the poor child gets a fever and cries but has no other symptoms. Its awful to watch, you know it must be painful. We are also dealing with the fact that I have already started having contractions. The good news is that it isn't preterm labor. Yet. I've been trying to lie low, rest when possible, and teach Rylan things we can do indoors and without the help of a playgroup to entertain us, like coloring (he eats the crayons, but we're working on it), cars, reading, blocks, and play-dough (which he also eats).

I was hit last week by some of the worst pain I've ever dealt with. A trip to the hospital, and four doctor's visits later, it has been decided that I had 1. a kidney stone, 2. dehydration, and 3. a gross UTI. I am also having what the doctor referred to as "horrible round ligament stretching." Its like a really bad pulled muscle in my uterus, except that the pulled muscle is the size of a cantelope and has a kicking baby inside it. My mom and dad came and took care of me, then took our little bambino home with them for four days, while I simultaneoulsy writhed in pain, moaned, and looked up possible diagnoses for my mystery illnesses.

The first night he was gone, Rob brought us some take out, and we watched a movie, free of anybody stealing our food, turning off the TV or throwing a fit on the floor. After that first night, we kind of stared at each other wondering what to do with ourselves. Its amazing how much your life changes to revolve around a little, babbling, ball thrower.

I am happy to say that my kidney stone, UTI, and dehydration have (knock on wood) left the building, and all that remains is the "horrible round ligament pain." We have our baby back with us. Oh how I love that kid, with his surfer dude hair and sudden obsession with apples (aaaa-pull). Unfortunantly, I still can't lift him, or have him on my lap anywhere in the vicinity of the right side of my body. So, Rylan is spending today, and possibly a few more days at his old stomping grounds, Tiny Town. He'll have lots of kids to play with, they have an awesome playground and they have his first ever girlfriend: Ms. Amy. Apparently Rylan is now old enough to go to the next room, but she says he's staying with her. I can understand her love for him.

So, we are borrowing a computer for now, and as soon as I download some pics, you'll get some awesome pics from my Mom's retirement party and more Rylan cuteness.

****We are now 24 weeks pregnant! Yay baby. Still no name. And we still have another baby in the crib. But, we're getting there. We have a double stroller, and a huge stash of newborn and size 1 diapers. And, I'm not anemic!!!! This time last pregnancy I was all sludgy and bruised looking. I think its my new fondness for Special K with Strawberries. That stuff is GOOD! And, each bowl has 45% of your daily iron needs. So, in a day, I'm taking in 90% iron just from Special K. Yeah!

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