Saturday, June 18, 2016

Back in the saddle

Coworker: "Sara, you should have a blog"
Sara: "Um, I do....."
Coworker: "sweet let me have the address"
Sara: "I can't remember the last time I updated it." sad face, embarrassed face, sad face
Every year that I have had this blog I have done less updates than the year before. I am the least organized person, and this blog is proof of that. I do not MAKE the time to do it, or make a list of things to blog about, therefore, it stops getting done.
The first year of the blog, I had no instagram, facebook was new, and none of my family was doing social media, therefore, this blog helped me share pictures and stories. Social media kind of took time and some of my reasons for blogging. Yet it still feels like I want to do it.  So, I am going to MAKE time to do it.
So, I'll quick play catch up.
We are a year and a three quarters into living in Fayetteville, AR. We actively love our town.  It is the BEST place for our family and the move, though taxing on our stress levels for a while, was the BEST thing we've ever done. We have been to so many street festivals, restaurants, shopping to keep our wallets empty, bellies full, and smiles big. We frequent the awesome library and we have found a great church that deserves its own blog post about its awesomeness.
Rob still loves the job he took here, working in computers at a local medical school/clinic. I got a job January of 2015 working as a nurse in a recovery room. It is busy and lots of days have me pulling my hair out, but overall, it is a good job and I truly enjoy it. I am still PRN, which means as needed. I get to pick my own schedule for the most part and work as little or as much as I want. Unless they are overstaffed, in that situation, I am the first one to go home. Sounds scary, like I might not get enough work, but in a year and some change this has happned exactly twice, so its not really a thing to worry about. I generally work 3 days a week from 8-3:30 or 4:30. Once summer comes I am dropping down to 1-2 days a week. Once school starts again I will work more days a week, but get off in time to get the kids from carline, so 2:30 or so.
Speaking of.....
Max? Is going to kindergarten in the fall. Oh sweet 6lb 9oz baby Jesus. I. Can't. Even. He and I have had a lot of Mommy and Me time since Rylan went to school. Rylan is a mover and shaker, and wants to go go go. He NEEDED kindergarten for structure and something to keep him occupied and give him people ALL THE TIME.  Max likes to hang out at home. He could sit in my lap reading books and watching shows for 8 hours if I let him. We hug 90 times a day and dance and hold hands and giggle like buddies. I will need therapy in August.
See? He will still let me shove him in a stroller and go on a walk. He is an awesome stay at home kid.

So, I will have 2 children in school and no littles at home. There is no coping mechanisms suitable for my brain at the moment. Maybe next year this time, I will be regrouped.

Rylan is done with 1st grade. This has been a harder year for him. He has a very serious teacher, not as lovey dovey, and the classwork is harder. He has a hard time concentrating and we have finally found some help for him. THAT is a whole 'nother blog post.  He is happy it is summer vacation and I will be home more and he gets to play play play.  I think it will be easier for him once his brother has to go to school as well.
Pre Fun Run at school. His class earned Hat Day. 

Max's Luau themed graduation

Farmer's Market in Fayetteville. Max is dressing himself these days

There, I've done a brief update of our lives at this point. I promise on my favorite tshirt's life that I will make a very strong effort to blog 3 days a week this summer.

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