Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Resolution check up: Part deux

Well, shizzles, I let another month go by and didn't blog. I tried to write out blogs but I have this insane fear of being boring and not worth it. And then I sleep or the moon is right or something and I remember I started this blog to update about us and its for us and I should blog about what I want to blog about.

I wrote out my 2015 Resolutions and resolved to check in weekly about this. Which I've done once.....I really like to fail myself.

1.Read 2 books a month-I'm all over the map with my book reading. I'm constantly reading, but I am so ADHD lately I can't even help myself. At any given time, I have three books going. Usually a smut book (fiction/romancey), a Christian book, and a self help book. Doing this is making me not get anything done. So far, this year, I have read:
Image result for heaven is for real
I will be honest, I wasn't ready to buy what these people were selling. But, it was a good read and I was a believer by the end. Its much better than the movie, no offense to Greg Kinear, whom I love.

Write this lady's name down, save it in your phone for library and bookstore use and look her up on your Kindle or whatevs. I've read four of her books and plan to read all of hers. She has a way of making you think about what you would do if faced with a situation that seems wrong.

This is pitiful. 2 books in 2 months. I can do better. Put the phone and computer down, Sara. Focus Sara.

I currently have a Stephanie Plum novel going and The Happiness Project.

2.Read my kids 1000 books or chapters of a chapter book in 2015. As of last night, we're at 118. I am hoping to keep up this pace, we have ten more months to go and I can easily attain this goal. The kids are loving picking out books at the library to be read to. Rylan is really good at sight words these days so he reads a little to us and I love watching him grow. 

3.Walk,run,bike,elliptical,stairstep, or crawl 1007.5 miles.
-I'm tired of hurting myself or being sick. And the weather. Excuses Excuses Excuses. I currently am at 81 miles. I've got to step it up. Or more, step on a workout machine! I hurt my back and was slow getting back to the gym, it was everything I could do to get through my workdays, which involve a lot of standing, pushing beds, and lifting patients, without crying. I feel 90% better and feel like I know what I did that was the culprit (a certain weight machine at too high weight) and am staying far far away from it.

3.Spend time with God every day-I've 75% kept up my prayer journal, I miss a day or two here and there, but I get caught up. I love reading back and seeing prayers that have been answered. It is a wonderful way to give your worries to God at the end of the day. Some days, like yesterday, I concentrate on being thankful instead of asking for blessings. I am more aware of praying for people when I remember/see they are in need.

4.GET ORGANIZED!!!!! This one is going to take time, but I am on my way. I am getting dinners ready ahead of time, meals packed so we aren't buying lunches at school, work or restaurants unless they are preplanned. Rob and I completely cleaned out our garage and organized it to the best of our ability and it looks fabulous. The next day, I did a few jumping jacks because of all the extra room. At the beginning of February I cleaned out our master closet. We aren't utilizing that closet to the best of our abilities, its huge for a townhouse and I got our clothes organized so that we can use the shelving for other stuff, like board games, and gloves and hats that are shoved everywhere. My next project is finances. A must must must do.I want to go on vacation. We've done family vacations in the past few years, but Rob and I have not taken a vacation all by ourselves with kids ever. I know we can do this, we just have to hunker down.

5. Spend more time with my kids. Going better. Can always be even better.  True story, Max and I like to put some tunes on my cell phone and sit at the table and color and chit chat. It is totally fun.  They are outgrowing their babiness so fast. Pretty soon it will all be video games.  I am including them in cooking, trying to remember to turn down the radio and chit chat in the van and just overall remembering to enjoy my children. They were a true gift from God. 

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