Monday, June 16, 2014

Random ramblings

We joined the Summer reading program. Sometimes I have to pull teeth to get the kids to sit and read with me and other times they bring me so many books that my eyes cross on their own. The reading program encourages all of us to turn off the tv and read more.

We had a four legged extra child for a few days. The kids named him Busta. He was cute as can be, but after 2 days of cleaning up pee and poop and saving anything and everything from his chewing, I was so grateful to find his owners. I have always been a fan of shelter and rescue dogs, but this situation taught me, I am an older dog kind of dog mom. Curt was CRAZY trained when I became his mom, and Lola needed some housetraining help, but I have never dealt with the chewing and the whining and the constant peeing on the floors.

I made Hulk Muffins. They are really good and the kids loved them and didn't even know they were getting spinach for breakfast. Add the bananas in it and sub applesauce for oil and they are basically the healthiest thing my kids want for breakfast.

We had a family reunion on Rob's side. Rob's dad is from Sulpher Rock, so we had it at their community center. It was laid back, good food, and located next to a park, so win, win win.

The boys played their last t-ball games. There was a trophy ceremony, delicious drinks and lots of smiles. The coaches gave good speeches about how they had enjoyed meeting our kids and teaching them. Even Max's team, that had kind of turned into a negative situation had a really good end. The assistant coach that Max really loved, the one that had to manually stand Max up about 10 times a game, the one that often had to carry him off the field because he was too busy burying his baseball hat, the one that was the sole reason we didn't quit when the going got rough asked if he could coach Max if they let him be a head coach next year. That really warmed my heart.

And then..............they called to tell us we needed to make up the games that got rained out. 3 games. In one week. So...............yeah.

There's the last two weeks in a nutshell post.

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