Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rylan's birthday photo dump

I'm so OCD with blogging that I couldn't blog until I blogged about my son's birthday party which was November 16. Only problem was I got so crazy with the party that I took zilcho pics and needed to ask my mom. And I knew she was busy. And then I forgot. A lot. 

I remembered this week, so that counts.

I cannot believe Rylan is five. Every mom on God's green earth doesn't know where the time went. Count me in. His birth started this blog. He was the ORIGINAL plus one to the Rob and Sara pack. He is so loved for so many things. I look forward to the boy he is to become and am trying to savor the little boy that is still in there. He comes out for lap sits and hand holds and bedtime story times every now and then.

We had his party at the gym at our church. Not the fanciest of places, but it served as a perfect spot for running around and playing dressup. All Rylan wanted was to play dress up with his friends. So we took two boxes of dress up clothes (and borrowed some from sweet Michelle in the event that girls other than Lily showed up) and threw a bunch of balloons around, blew up the church's tiny bounce house, threw out a bunch of bikes and trikes and the like and let the kids do whatever they wanted. It was great. 

His sweet loot. 

These little gems get Rylan happy errrrr time

He wears this watch every day. Keeps it on his door knob at night. It is the one item he takes good care of. 

That little Spidey-lovin kiddo had the best day. Blue frosted cupcakes with superhero logos were there. Spiderman toys galore. He changed into 3-27 costumes. His besties from school came, his best girl, Lily, came, all his mature girlfriends (Rylan's crushes are all 30s-40s and married) all came, and all four grandparents and one aunt came. He is super loved. 

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