Sunday, November 10, 2013


Warning: blurry i-phone pics---->straight ahead!

So, last week, whilst Rob and I were in Austin, Halloween was a-brewin'. We have a new church that sponsors a Hallelujah night, and the kids have their school party. They've never been in school for Halloween before. I felt I NEEDED to come home in time to get them, so I left Rob in Austin a day before his conference was over and headed home.

I literally, landed, got the car out of the parking garage and drove to Bald Knob to meet my wonderful parents, who traveled farther than our usual halfway mark. As soon as I got there my beautiful children pulled in and I started waving like a crazy mom.......and locked my keys in my car. We looked up several locksmiths, the only one local was not working that day. The McDonalds youth tried to break in to no avail, but one of the managers told us that a man named Brooks across the street had a kid and would open my door. We look across the street and see Napa Auto Parts. Sure. Sounds good. Nope, not Brooks. Brooks has the lean-to looking shack next door.

Brooks is amazing and I love him. $20 later, we were on our way to Hallelujah night

On our way to Hallelujah night

Max's class

On a horsey at Fall Fest. Best moment of his 3 years 30 days ever

This is what I had waiting for me when I picked them up from my parents. He was very proud of his teeth.

Max and Jax. Jax is my friend Jackie's son. We were preggo at the same time and ended up with Jax and Max 6 weeks apart. Without even talking to each other, they both ended up being cowboys for Halloween. Wonder what other weird things Jackie and I will do just alike without discussing it????? Save the world? 

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