Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What. The. Frick.

Anybody that has read this blog knows about my family's ability to catch some nasty crap. Let me list a few of the major ones:
Swine Flu (Rylan)
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (me)
Herpangina (Rylan once and Max twice)
Fifth's Disease (Rylan)

That nasty stomach death Max had last week? SALMONELLA POISONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've already gotten a phone call from the health department.

We've pretty much narrowed the source down to the kiddee pool on vacay. Max drank massive amounts of that pool water. Ewwwww

Totally expecting the locust infestation and plague shortly. 

 The good new is, this little boy is feeling lots better. I never thought I'd be so happy to see normal poo.
In other good news, Rylan is still nutso. 

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  1. Kiddie pool...check. (Just adding it to the list of stuff that freaks me out.)
    Had fun hanging with you guys today!