Friday, November 5, 2010

God loves a vajajay doc

So, during my pregnancy, I mentioned my Kenny Rogers/Santa doctor a few times. Here's the deal. I FREAKIN' love that man. And if you are in the Little Rock area, and are going to have a baby, you should switch to him. And if you aren't in the Little Rock area you should move here to go to him for all your vajajay needs. My pregnancy with Rylan was not fun for the fact that I went into preterm labor and all, but it was also not fun because my doctor was super blah. And lazy. And, apparently, slightly retarded. Since yesterday my doctor gave me patient teaching that was opposite something my first doctor told me back in the day.

Here's why my doctor rocks the house.
1. He got me through an extra hard pregnancy and gave lots of pain meds.

2. He never acted tired of my constant worries, in fact he worried right with me.

3. He would call me personally if he had a question or something to tell me.

4. When I had my c-section, he did 2 extra procedures, one he removed tons of scarred tissue from my first c-section that have caused me pain since Rylan's birth because the tissue was rubbing on nerves. He also fixed my wrecked abdominal muscles. My stomach lost all muscle and had started to pooch out like I had a cone sticking out of my belly, this happens to about 10% of women. So, of course me. It usually requires going to a plastic surgeon to get this fixes. Dr. Awesome fixed it that day.

5. He brought this guy into our world, safe and sound. And that means a whole lot.

Well, yesterday, I had my follow up visit and after all the embarrassing checks of my nether regions, he told me he'd see me in a year. I started to tell him thanks for all he's done and thanks for my baby (like he was the dad? I don't know) and thanks for being awesome and thanks for giving me my abdominal muscles back and all. I STARTED CRYING. Not sobbing, but teary eyed and choked up. Leave it to me. So me and Dr. Marks hugged it out. I've always known I was friendly and a talker, I just never knew I'd become best friends with my hoo-ha doc.

Here's a pic of some extra special cuteness.


  1. I'm in the market for a new one! Josh tells me I have to deliver at UAMS next baby. :(

  2. The cuteness of those pix just made my blood sugar spike. I'm picturing Lotso Huggin' Bear when you burst into tears thanking that doc. "Well, I'm a HUGGER!" I'm so happy you found the right professional to take care of you! Sounds like the C-section recovery is awesome. I was lucky to have a fantastic pregnancy with my Perinatologist who the sweetest, most competent & caring man EVER but he looked like Frank Oz & wore bow ties. Santa sounds much jollier.

  3. (I meant I pictured the DOC as Lotso, not you. I doubt you arrived at your appt pink & fuzzy. Possibly smelling of strawberries.)