Monday, August 9, 2010


So, I have started calling Rylan, Boopers. I don't know why. I also sometimes still call him Baby when I talk to him. I realize he's nearly 2. I realize he's nearly 6'5. Baby just comes out sometimes.

I feel I need to share an embarrassing story.

I was getting Rylan out of the car and he started crying in a manner that sounded like he might have hurt himself. I meant to say "what's wrong, Boopers?" Or perhaps I meant to say "what's wrong, Baby?" You know what came out? "What's wrong Booby?" Like 10 people were getting in or out of their cars at the time, and all heard me call my child "Booby." So embarrassing.

So, here you are, some very cute pics of my little Baby Boopers Booby.

Love Love Love Love my little Boopers Booby Baby!!!!!!!!!!!1


  1. Booby - that's funny. :)
    At least your child didn't point emphatically at your boob the other day, turn to your father-in-law, and shout, "Boobies! Mommy's boobies!" This is what my child does to me on a regular basis. Talk about embarrassment.

  2. I love it! You both crack me up. For some unknown reason I've taken to referring to my boys as "Sweetie peeps" which then becomes "feetie poops" when they repeat it on the playground.