Sunday, August 1, 2010

The pros and cons of a helpful toddler

My whole pregnancy I've known that I was going to need to stop carrying and lifting Rylan as much. For one thing, he weighs the same or more than some 3 year olds. For another, he is OVER half my height. I am also growing quite a belly and there is very little room for anyone in the front area. So, I've got my little (big) guy working on being my helpful toddler. We have successfully conquered:

1. Getting into his booster seat (high chair) by himself
2. Getting into his carseat by himself
3. Throwing something away when asked
4. Holding out a hand to help me off the floor or out of a chair (he makes a uuuuuhhhhhh sound)
5. Shutting the dishwasher door for us, shutting the door to the dryer, shutting dresser drawers
6. Helping to put his toys away (if you sing the clean up song from Barney)

Its really quite lovely because its a win-win situation. He likes being helpful, it gives him extra things to do and it really does help me.

Here are some cons to go with each pro

1.He can now get in his booster seat and start yelping for food. Pretty soon he'll sound like the plant on Little Shop of Horrors "Feed me, Seymour!"
2. He gets distracted on the way to the car seat. If anything, and I do mean anything is on the floor of the car, he crawls in and plays or eats whatever it is. I often put his sippee cup in his seat and lure him there that way.
3. This has two parts.
A.) He will throw something into the trash. There is a 50/50 chance he will get it back out of the trash, along with something else and bring it back to you.
B.) He doesn't need to you to ask to throw OTHER stuff away. Like bills, your wallet, the remote. He's really helpful. And our trash stinks, we know now.
4. He is starting to really grunt when helping me out of a chair. I do realize that I'm growing ALOT.
5. He sometimes shuts the dishwasher while you are stacking it full, he shuts the drawers before you can put the laundry in there, and when the refridgerator is open, apples are grabbed before the door gets shut.
6. Sometimes he only puts one toy away and then has a two year old toddler fit about any further toys.
Getting the kitchen swept
Another day, more sweeping. I bought him a toddler sized broom, but it turns out that it is more of a weapon of mass destruction, the big broom is better.

Sometimes you get the pacifiers out to clean for the new baby and your 20 month old decides that he needs a pacifier. He hasn't wanted a pacifier since 3 months of age, now, we hide them from him.
"Yes I threw away my stinky diaper, and maybe your blush brush too, hehehehe"
Another day, more trash to throw away.


  1. I found my hairspray and deodorant in the trash the other day. I wasn't done with them.
    And on another day, I caught Lily digging for food in the trash. I wish I were joking.
    Oh, and she's got a toddler broom too. And let's just say that I'm reeeeeally lucky I've still got a left eye.

  2. Sara, reading this is like reading about Lucy. She is the exact same way. And we have the same trash can. We need to get those trashcans with the tight lids--you know, the $40 ones. She is in the trash, the toilet, the fridge. She climbs on the kitchen table, eats crayons, and plays with our iphones. She has figured out how to turn them on and delete apps. She is, by far, my busiest child. Sam and Maryn did this for a little bit, but then they moved on to greener pastures. Lucy has been stuck here for MONTHS, and I am hoping that someday, before the babies come, she slows down!!!