Wednesday, August 31, 2016

1st Day of School

We've had some pretty big weeks lately.  On August 17, Rylan AND Max both started school. Rylan started 2nd grade and Max started Kindergarten.

At the beginning of August, I started prepping the kids for school. I started waking them earlier (Rylan has turned from a 5am-er of yesteryear to a teenager that would sleep till noon if we didn't make too much noise). I started with 7am, just sneaking in and turning on the TV in their room. Fifteen minutes or so later, I would come turn off the TV and ask them to get dressed and meet me in the kitchen for breakfast. Then we would do a little reading, do some ABC writing (Max), math (Rylan), and cleaning. Every day the wake up time got a little earlier. I seemed like a mean old meanie.

When it came time for back to school nights and meeting the teacher, I could sense a little reluctance from Rylan. We did have a blast this summer. He didn't want to go back EVERY day. Why can't school be like 3 days a week, mom? At the same time, Max started getting nervous. He worried that he didn't know enough things for kindergarten (btw, the kid can count to 100, count by 5's and 10's to 100, and write all ABCs in big and small letters, he was born ready).  I was already coming down with a serious case of sorrow over both kids being gone, missing our summer together, wishing I could zoom back to when they were 1 and 3 and do it all again, so I was way afraid we were going to have hard times.

We went to Max's Kdg night, and found out that he got the teacher Rylan had. I don't know if I blogged about this, but we LOVED her. She is southern, mind your manners, don't fall out of line, but come here and get a hug kind of teacher. Strict but loving. And she helped our transition into Fayetteville Public Schools. Just between you and me, we had asked for her and were told they didn't take requests (wink wink wink). Max was so excited. He remembered going with me to Rylan's class and he found his cubby and his desk and he wasn't scared any more.

Rylan's night went much the same. He found out his teacher, it was one he knew from last year, and he was all smiles. He realized how long it had been since he had seen his friends and was excited to find out 4 of his friends were in his class. He was pumped. 

Wednesday morning, we got up at 6:30 (me at like 5, just for freaking out sake).  We made it out the door with lunches, backpacks, and matching shirts by 7:30.

Rob and I walked the kids in. Mr Independent (Rylan) muttered something about how it was embarrassing and he knew where to go. As soon as he heard 2nd graders line up, he said "BYE" and ran off. No last moments, no hug. Fine, Independent Child. Then Max's teacher came to collect the class. He hugged each of us and ran off, no sad goodbye, no fear. We did it. 

And then my eyes exploded. I literally had no warning. One minute I was smiling and waving and thankful that we raised two boys that are healthy and happy and ready for school and the next minute my eyes were waterfalls.  I got myself together and went to work. You know, after I cried in the parking lot for another 10 minutes.   It wasn't that I was sad about anything. I actually think that we are in an amazing stage of life right now. We are just having a lot of change. I have been a mostly stay at home mom, a part time stay at home mom, and now they are gone and I am working almost every day. Even good changes cause a little stress.

I work until 2:30 and am able to get them from school.  A block from school is a church, and the kids chose to be walkers to this church. There is a crossing guard and older kids to keep the younger ones in place. It keeps me out of the carrider line and the kids feel like big deals being "walkers." So far, this arrangement is fabulous. I have already volunteered at the school on my day off and me and the kids are able to play and clean and have lots of time together. Its awesome.

I bought these shirts on tax free weekend in Branson. That sentence gives me palpatations just typing it. Looking at them wearing them on the same day, by choice, makes my heart happy.

We are 2 weeks in today. The new schedule has served us well, so far. 

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