Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blogging is kind of like working out

You skip a few days and suddenly you are out of the habit. And then you get behind and brain blocked and it all the sudden seems like a monunmental task. Except its not. Especially when your pics mostly speak for themselves.

Last, last weekend the weather was totally gorgeous and we have sweetie poo kids and we decided to go over to Hot Springs to invade on my parents lakehouse rental with their friends, cause what is better than renting a beautiful lakehouse in the middle of tranquilty and happiness while sipping on yummy drinks? The Qualls clan and our sack of 2 crazies busting in on your tranquilty, that's what. Before we did that, we stopped at Garvin Gardens and it was so fabulous.

 We left our sad cocker at home, if she didn't poo in all the wrong places and bark like a madwoman at blue collar workers, she'd get way more outtings.
 Peace and tranquility

 Rylan was in heaven being able to climb all over the rocks
Max was not happy to be contained, Mr Crazytown wanted to climb everywhere, he knows no fear
 Total poser

 I got the good shot
 Rob got the crazy one
Max got giggly

 So, we were staring at these fish and I was saying I could look at these fish all day and was wishing we could have a koi pond and then my friend posted on facebook that there was a gigantic snake in her backyard eating her giant koi fish and I was suddenly very okay with gazing at them ONLY at Garvin Gardens.

Rylan asked me to take this picture. Your welcome, son.

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