Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wanted: blogger that keeps up with her blog!

Before you see a tumbleweed blow across my blog, I'll get right on updating it. Not exactly immediately or anything, I'm just updating you all that I'll soon be updating you more.

1. Potty training takes longer than 3 days. Just sayin'. And doing it the fast way can wear a sister out!

2. A week after Max got the Herpely Derpelies, Rylan got the Herpely Derpelies. He would grab his throat and say his tummy hurt. It would have been funny if it was so pitiful. Sadness abounded. Babies needed mama rocking them.

3. My mom came to visit us. Read: save my sanity. The boys both had asthma flareups and Max had an ear infection/clogged ear tube followed by a week of potty training in which poor Max got the Herps, then Rylan got the Herps equalled yet another month gone by with us mostly stuck in the house. Thank you mama, I'll gladly throw blogging out the window to hang with you.

4. We went to visit my parents. As if we hadn't shoved our insane/insect infested/herps having mugs in my mom's face enough, we took our crazy show on the road and went to Mountain Home for the weekend. Ahhhhhh fishing for Rob, sleeping in for me, long talks with mom and sister. We unlabored for Labor Day.

I have a new goal to get up at 5am and blog/clean my house while everyone else is still asleep***. You'll be reading the fruits of that labor soon and very soon.

***I am aware that it is super sad I have to get up at 5am to be up before my kids who are 2.75 and 11 months old. This is why anyone who complains about their kid getting up early at 7:30am gets a face from me that requires at least 3 chins. 7:30 is a dream. A fantasy. I wish I was you!!!!

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