Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outbreak, without Dustin Hoffman or Morgan Freeman

The baby boys both have fevers now. Looks like my strep test didn't turn all streppy and this was probably full blown flu *. Sooooo, I'm pricing 5 of these bad boys.

One adult/tall
One adult/short
One 4T for the 2 year old
One 6-9 month for the4 month old.
One canine version for Lola

*I do realize that, being a nurse and mother, that it is silly to have not gotten a flu shot, especially since I've had about 1,000 doctor appointments lately. I simply had way too much else on the noggin these last months. Rylan did get his, so if this is flu, he'll, hopefully, have a very mild case. And, fingers crossed, Rob and Lola had immune systems like a couple of oxes.


  1. Someday you're gonna look back on all this crap and laugh. Not. :(

  2. BOOOOOOO I wish this was the wizarding world of Harry Potter and we could just magic it all away. :(