Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy B-day Roberto!

Its a birthday havin-swimmin-beer-makin-father's-day-celebratin kinda weekend here at the Qualls household. We had some (hopefully) good family and cute baby pics taken Friday evening at a park. It was approximately 200 degrees, so I'm nice and shiny and our clothes were stuck to all of us, but I have faith in the photograper! We went to a nice dinner at Boscos to start the Celebrate Rob weekend. We learned that our little babe is no longer the sit in the infant car seat and snooze or kick while you eat a late meal little boy he used be.
1. He no longer fits in an infant car seat that you take into restaurants.
2. He doesn't quite sit up yet, so the highchair doesn't work super well either.
3. He likes an 8pm bottle, a quick rock in the rocking recliner and a coma-type sleep by 8:45.
We had a bit of a breakdown. It was temporarily fixed by a few bites of Dada's birthday Coconut Cream Bread Pudding.

Saturday we had some family pool time.

Then I tested my culinary skills with my first Mexican Chicken casserole and Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake. If I do say so myself, both were very tasty. Of course I took pictures!!!!!!!

Rob got a new grill from Ry and I

Just under 31 candles

No matter what I did, this uploaded sideways, so here is a sideways view of the brownie mosaic cheesecake. Its cheesecake with brownie baked in, with a chocolate ganache, First cheesecake and ganache all at once.

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